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How to pair the Water heater controller with the Hilo hub?

Installation instructions of a Hilo hub to be used with a water heater controller.

Three steps are necessary to adding a controller.

1. Downloading and configuring the Hilo mobile app.
2. Setting up the Hilo hub.
3. Pairing the controller to the Hilo hub.

If you are already a Hilo client, go directly to step 3 of this document.

1. Downloading and configuring the Hilo mobile application

a) Download and install the Hilo application on your mobile device and complete your registration using the address you provided to Hilo.
b) Use the activation code you will receive by email to confirm your email address.
c) Complete your registration by following the instructions, then create your smart home by selecting Start.
d) When you’ve finished creating your smart home, wait a few seconds until the application displays the message Your hub will be brought by your installer or sent by mail. This message indicates that your app is ready to use.
e) Install your hub by following the instructions in note #2.

Installation of the Hilo hub

a) Plug your hub into your modem or router using the Ethernet cable provided in the package, and plug the power supply into a wall outlet, then into the hub.
b) When the light indicator on the hub shows a steady green light that does not blink, unplug the power cord from the hub
. c) In the Hilo app, go to the page displaying the message Your hub will be brought by your installer or sent by mail. and select Synchronize my hub, followed by Start to scan the data matrix code on the back of the hub.
d) Point your phone’s camera at the code on the hub. If it is not possible to scan the code with the camera, you will have to select the option Enter info manually.
e) The message Your hub has successfully scanned! will appear once the syncing is complete.
f) Reconnect the hub’s power cord and wait until the indicator turns to a fast-flashing yellow light.

3. Pairing the water heater controller to the Hilo hub

a) Open the Hilo application and go to the devices page, then select the + in the upper-right corner of the screen.
b) Choose Add a Device, then select Thermostat, in-wall switch, etc. This action will put the hub in pairing mode. The indicator light on the hub will blink blue.
c) Press and hold the controller button for approximately 3 seconds (see figure 1). The center indicator light will turn from yellow to flashing blue and then to solid green.
d) In the app, tap on Close when you see The device(s) have been added! The devices page will be displayed again.
e) Wait about 60 seconds, or tap on ⟳ to refresh the devices page, until the controller’s tile appears in the app.
f) Perform a test to validate that the controller can be turned off from the application. Switch off the controller from the app. The charge indicator light will turn off.
g) Turn the controller back on by pressing the button. The charge indicator light will turn red and the tile’s status in the app will reflect the action a few seconds later.
h) Pairing is complete. If no other devices need to be paired, press the button on the back of the hub to exit pairing mode.
i) If you want to rename the controller tile in the app, consult an article on our web site by clicking here.

Figure 1