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Hilo App

What's new - Scenes and programs

The Hilo app is in constant evolution. This improvement process has resulted in some changes to the app’s scenes and programs features.
To simplify automation management and, above all, offer new features, such as creating scenes by device category or room, individually pausing a program, streamlining the modification and creation process, etc., “scenes” and “programs” have been changed to “Scenes” and “Scheduled scenes”.

Click here to learn how to create a scene


Here’s an overview of what these changes will look like:

  • Existing scenes and programs will be migrated to the new version of the Hilo app. To minimize any potential impact, the migration will take place automatically, starting the week of October 24, 2022. You will not be required to do anything.
    Programs on individual devices will be converted to scheduled scenes.
  • If there are programs on several devices at the same time of the day, a scene will be created automatically; all relevant devices will be added to it, and the scene will be given a default name. You can change this name to something more descriptive later on, if you wish.
  • If you use the Alexa or Google Home voice assistant, don’t worry: the new scenes will be created automatically. And if new scenes are created in the Hilo app, they will also be added. During the migration, your Alexa or Google Home voice assistant may notify you via your smartphone app or your connected speaker.