Connected Devices

To be able to use the Hilo Smart Home Service, the Participant must first purchase a number of Connected Devices from Hilo, which must then be properly installed.

The Connected Devices are managed by the Participant using the Hilo mobile application. The complete and detailed list of Connected Devices can be found on the website.


Designated Representative

Person authorized by the Participant to represent him or her during the installation of the Connected Devices.



Residence where the Hilo Smart Home Service is installed.


Hilo Challenges

A “Hilo Challenge” is a one-off event in which automatic actions are implemented targeting the Participant’s connected Hilo thermostats in order to reduce the temperature setpoint during a peak consumption period.

Each Hilo Challenge consists of three phases:

  • Preheating phase (optional for the Participant): phase during which the temperature of the Dwelling rises in anticipation of a reduction phase;
  • Reduction phase: phase from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. or from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. (coinciding with periods of peak consumption), when the temperature of the Dwelling decreases; and
  • Recovery phase: phase when the temperature of the Dwelling gradually returns to its normal level.

Hilo automatically manages these three phases.

Each Hilo Challenge has a maximum duration of seven hours: two hours for the warm-up phase (optional for the Participant), four hours for the reduction phase and one hour for the recovery phase.

The maximum number of Hilo Challenges is 2 challenges per day and 30 challenges per winter.


Hilo Smart Home Service

This Agreement allows any Participant to benefit from the Hilo Smart Home Service in his or her Dwelling. This service allows the Participant to gain a better understanding of his or her consumption habits during the Winter Period and to receive cash Rewards when he or she accepts and takes up a Hilo Challenge. As part of his or her participation in the Hilo Smart Home Service, the Participant commits to the terms of this Agreement for three years during which he or she must live at the same address. If applicable, the Participant benefits from a free Smart Hub and the free initial installation of this Smart Hub, the thermostats, switches and dimmers.

As soon as the installation of the Connected Devices has been completed, the Participant may, as part of his or her access to the Hilo Smart Home Service:

  • Monitor his or her power consumption;
  • Control and monitor the Connected Devices; and
  • Participate in Hilo Challenges.

At the end of each Winter Period, the Participant may either exchange the total Rewards accumulated for a credit applicable to Connected Devices or choose to receive the amount by a payment method determined by Hilo. Rewards are only paid out at the end of each Winter Period.


Management of Outage Recovery

Outage recovery management is an energy function that is designed to limit the local overload that occurs during the recovery from an extended power outage.

The Hilo Smart Home Service connected appliances have an algorithm to modulate the power consumed by the heating load when power is restored.



Amount of money offered by Hilo to the Participant based on his or her degree of success in the Hilo Challenges. The calculation of the Reward takes into account the following data:

  • Savings made on the actual consumption of the Dwelling compared to the reference consumption of the Dwelling determined by Hilo, in particular, on the basis of the adjusted historical consumption of the Dwelling; and
  • Number of Hilo Challenges in which the Participant declined to participate during a Winter Period.


Smart Hub (or “Gateway”)

Connected device that centralizes and manages all Connected Devices in the Dwelling.


Winter Period

Period from December 1 to March 31 inclusive.