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White smart bulb $19.99

Lighting for every activity

Adjust the intensity of your smart lighting based on the mood you want to set, or to aid concentration. 

Brand: Sylvania A19 SMART+ 
Model: 70552 

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This smart bulb cannot be used with a dimmer, whether smart or not. 
This bulb cannot be used with a smart switch, but it is compatible with standard switches. 
This bulb must not be installed in enclosed fixtures.


or from $13.99 with discounts

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Create automations and lighting scenes to personalize the ambiance, based on what you’re doing and when. 
Set your lighting with the Hilo app, at home or remotely. 
LED bulb adjustable between soft white, bright white and daylight white. 
Rated life of 20,000 hours. 
Smart+ A19 requires a ZigBee compatible home automation hub, like the Hilo hub. 
2-year limited product warranty. 
Suitable for use in damp locations. 
Not intended for use with dimmers, emergency light fixtures or exit lights.