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In-Wall Smart Dimmer $84.99

Get lighting that fits you

The Enbrighten ZigBee 3.0 In-Wall Dimmer lets you set the brightness of your lighting remotely, via the Hilo app. You can program specific intensities for certain times—the lighting will adjust automatically!

Brand: Jasco Enbrighten
Model: 43082

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Cannot be used in 3-way or 4-way switch wiring configurations.


or from $59.49 with discounts

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Free installation by a qualified electrician if you order 4 or more thermostats and if you agree to participate in the Hilo challenges for 3 years (“contract with commitment”). 


120 V – Maximum load: 400 to 600W incandescent, 100 to 150W compact or LED. 

Compatible with all incandescent and most dimmable CFL/LED bulbs. 

Energy consumption can be read in Hilo mobile app.  

Interchangeable paddle—white and light almond paddle in package. 

Once joined to your network, the smart dimmer can automatically receive updates through your Hilo hub.  

LED under dimmer serves as a guidelight or status indicator.  

Certified for simple pairing and integrated home automation.