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Add-on Switch (3-way or more)

Control your smart switches and dimmers with a 3-way or more system

With the Enbrighten Zigbee 3.0 In-wall Add-on Switch you can use the Hilo app to turn your lights on and off, whether you’re home or not.

Brand: Jasco Enbrighten
Model: 46199 

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If you install a Jasco Enbrighten model 43078 smart switch or a Jasco Enbrighten model 43082 smart dimmer on a 3-way or 4-way system (in which two or three switches control the same light fixture, such as in a staircase or hallway), all other switches in your system must be Jasco Enbrighten model 46199 add-on switches to ensure a proper connection to your Hilo smart home.

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Unit price: $44.99

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To ensure system operation, all switches and dimmers in a 3-way system or more must absolutely be changed to Jasco Enbrighten intelligents devices (dimmer model 43082, switch model 43078, auxiliary switch model 46199).

The Jasco Enbrighten auxiliary switch 46199 cannot be installed alone. It must be paired with a Jasco Enbrighten model 43082 dimmer or a Jasco Enbrighten model 43078 smart switch.

The Enbrighten add-on switch requires wiring connections for the traveler, neutral and ground wires. If one of these wires is not available in the electrical box, your Hilo installer will be unable to install the add-on switch even if you already have a 3-way or more system installed and working in your home. The installer will only be able to confirm this on-site.

This device is rated for and intended to only be used with copper wire.

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