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Netatmo Smart Weather Station

Stay on top of the weather and the air quality in your home

Access a wealth of real-time data: temperature, humidity level, air quality and barometric pressure (outdoors), sound meter (indoors) and much more! 

Brand: Netatmo
Model: NWS01-US

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Unit price: $219.99

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Adapt your activities to the weather using your Netatmo Smart Weather Station’s hyperlocal readings and forecasts.  
Your Netatmo Smart Weather Station alerts you when indoor pollution levels rise. 
Create automations with other connected objects to increase the functionality of your Hilo smart home.  
Weatherproof and UV-resistant (outdoor module). 
Wireless connection between modules, long range of 100 m. 
Accessible from multiple devices. 
Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT compatible. 

• 1 Indoor Module 45 x 45 x 155 mm powered by USB power adapter
• 1 Outdoor Module 45 x 45 x 105 mm powered by 2 AAA batteries (up to 1 year of battery life)
• 1 USB power adapter
• 1 USB cable
• 2 AAA batteries included

• Amazon Alexa
• Apple HomeKit

Netatmo description
Netatmo designs beautiful and intelligent objects that communicate intuitively, only when necessary, with its users to automate the comfort and security of the home.

With Netatmo:
- Understand and control your environment with Weather products.
- Save energy without compromising your comfort with Energy products.
- Protect your home, simply and without subscription fees thanks to our Security products.
- Live in a healthier home with the Air Care product.

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