Re-pairing a smart bulb

Do not use a wall switch to turn a smart bulb on or off as it can cause the bulb to unpair from the gateway. Smart bulbs should be controlled using the app. We also advise against installing smart bulbs in a fixture with a dimmer or in a three-way lamp.

You can re-pair one smart bulb at a time. The bulb should be as close to the gateway as possible when you do so. We suggest you install it in a lamp close by and then put it back in its original spot afterward. Here’s how to do it:

 A. Reset the bulb

  1. Restart the gateway by pressing on the button on the far right on the front of the gateway. When the two indicator lights to the right of the Ethernet cable become solid green and stop flashing, refresh the Devices screen by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen.

  2. If you can still see the bulb listed in the app, select the corresponding tile and then the cogwheel in the top right corner of the bulb’s screen.  Select “Remove device”  at the bottom of the Settings screen. Refresh the Devices screen and make sure the bulb is no longer listed in the app.

Do not put the gateway in pairing mode right away.

  1. Turn the bulb on for five seconds, then turn it off. Repeat this step five times, until the bulb changes colour, turning red, green, blue and then white.

  2. Turn the bulb off.

B. Re-pair the bulb

  1. Put the gateway in pairing mode by selecting the B1 button (the one that looks like a pair of chain links, i.e., the second button from the right). The L3 indicator light (second to the right of the Ethernet port) will blink blue.

  2. Turn the light bulb on. It will change color, turning red, green and blue, and then a few seconds later, it will turn white and blink three times.

  3. Leave the bulb on. It is now paired.

  4. Wait about 15 seconds, then go to the Devices screen in the app by tapping the lamp icon at the bottom of the screen. Refresh the screen until the bulb tile appears, and then test the bulb by turning it on and off using the app.

  5. When you have finished and don’t have any other devices to re-pair, press B1 again on the gateway to exit pairing mode.

We hope we’ve answered your question. Please write to us and let us know how it went. We’d love to hear from you!