How to pair a white smart bulb

Do not use a wall switch to turn a smart bulb on or off as it can cause the bulb to unpair from the hub. Smart bulbs should be controlled using the app. We also advise against installing smart bulbs in a fixture with a dimmer or in a three-way lamp.

Only one smart bulb can be paired at a time.

Note : If the lightbulb is new or if it blinks three times when you turn it on the first time at step 1 of the following procedure, go directly to step 3.

Follow these steps :

1. Turn the bulb on for five seconds, then turn it off.

2. Repeat this step five times until the bulb blinks three times and then stops blinking.

3. Turn the bulb off.

4. In the app, the light bulb tile will indicate that it is offline.

5. Put the hub in pairing mode by pressing the button. The indicator light will blink blue.

6. Turn the light bulb on.

7. It will blink three times, and then a few seconds later, it will blink again three times. Leave the bulb on.

8. Wait about 30 seconds, then refresh the Devices screen in the app by swiping your finger down from the top of your screen until the bulb tile appears or is reactivated. Refresh the screen several times, if necessary.

9. Pairing is complete. If no other devices need to be paired, press the button on the hub to exit pairing mode.