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Hilo challenges

How are my rewards calculated?

For each challenge, Hilo calculates your home's maximum consumption limit (or reference consumption). To do this, Hilo calculates your average consumption over the last few days and then adjusts it to take into account the outside temperature on the day of the challenge.

If your home's energy consumption during the challenge is below this limit, you will receive a reward of $0.55 per kWh not consumed. For example, if your total consumption during a challenge is 26 kWh, while your reference consumption is 31.4 kWh, through your efforts you will have successfully saved 5.4 kWh (your energy savings). You will therefore get a reward of $2.97. (31.4 kWh - 26 kWh = 5.4 kWh | 5.4kWk X $0.55 = $2.97).

If we were not able to calculate your maximum consumption limit, you will get a fixed amount. Your reward will be $0.40 per included thermostat until the end of the challenge. In addition to this amount, you will receive a fixed amount of $1.50 if you participate in the challenge by choosing the bold mode.

If a challenge is cancelled by Hilo, you will receive a reward of $2.20.

Note: your energy consumption during the pre-heating and recovery phases has no impact on the reward calculation.