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Hilo challenges

What will happen if my Hydro-Québec meter and Hilo hub cannot be connected?

With some types of homes, a connection between the Hydro‑Québec meter and the Hilo hub cannot be made. This could be due to :

  • too great a distance (40 feet or more) between the Hydro‑Québec meter and the hub; or
  • physical interference (such as a concrete, brick or stone wall).

Will this affect my Hilo experience?

You will still be able to use your devices and create scenes and programs as you would normally. However, some information will not be displayed in the app, such as your home’s real-time consumption and power use.

Will I receive awards?

Yes. You can still participate in Hilo challenges during the winter period and obtain a lump-sum reward that is calculated based on your home’s potential energy-reduction contribution as well as your participation mode.

For every Hilo challenge you accept, your reward will be 40 cents per included thermostat until the end of the challenge. Hilo will add $1.50 to this reward amount if you choose to participate in challenges using Intrepid mode.

As with all other Hilo customers, only the Hilo thermostats for which you have accepted the automated action suggestions without modification during the entire challenge period will be included in the reward calculation.