Hilo challenges

How are my rewards calculated?

The monetary rewards for Hilo challenges are calculated by multiplying each kilowatthour (kWh) saved as compared to a similar reference period during the challenge by $0.55. We call this difference in consumption “curtailment”. Your consumption during the preheating and return-to-normal periods does not impact your reward. Note that the electricity used throughout the day is billed at the standard rate. 

Your baseline consumption, which is also calculated in kWh, is determined based on your consumption history in recent comparable days (weekdays or weekends and holidays) on which there were no challenges. The value is also adjusted to take into account the difference in electricity use due to outdoor temperatures on reference days and on the days when there were challenges. Because the baseline consumption depends on previous consumption and the weather conditions, it varies from one challenge to the next.

For example, if your total consumption during a challenge is 26 kWh and your baseline consumption is 31.4 kWh, you saved 5.4 kWh and will earn a reward of $2.97.

If your actual consumption is higher than the baseline consumption, you fail the challenge and won’t earn any rewards ($0). You cannot earn rewards when you discontinue your participation in a Hilo challenge, even while it’s under way.