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Deactivating the proximity sensor setting

The Stelpro Maestro thermostat is equipped with a proximity sensor that makes the screen light up automatically when someone walks by. To deactivate this functionality, follow these steps:

  1. On the thermostat, press the square button in the center for three seconds. The thermostat display will show menu 10.

  2. Press the square button four times to access menu 40. The display will show ON, because the proximity sensor is activated by default.

  3. Tap the right arrow. Once OFF is displayed, press the square button for three seconds until the display shows the room temperature again.

To see the display, simply press one of the thermostat buttons. The display will switch off automatically after about 30 seconds.

Please note that during the testing phase, the display may light up whenever the temperature setpoint is changed, whether manually, in the app or as part of the Hilo challenges. The display will switch off automatically after 30 seconds.

When the Hilo smart home service is officially launched, this setting will be different, and only manual adjustments will cause the display to light up.

Please keep your observations, comments and suggestions coming.