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Are you eligible for Hilo?

Before we can look into your eligibility, you must meet five basic criteria to join the Hilo adventure.


  • You have a Hydro-Québec account in your name.

  • You have a high-speed Internet service, a Wi-Fi network at home and a free and working Ethernet port on your modem.

  • You have a smartphone.

  • Your heating system is primarily electric with baseboards and thermostats.

  • You are billed at Hydro-Québec’s Rate D. Customers who subscribe to the Flex D rate must contact Hydro-Québec's customer service, who will explain how to unsubscribe and join Hilo. Customers subscribing to the Winter Credit option can go ahead and purchase their Hilo devices; Hilo will handle the cancellation of their subscription after their connected devices have been installed in their home.