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How can I configure the Google Home voice assistant to control my Hilo devices?

Here’s how to set up Google Home’s voice assistant to control your Hilo devices using your voice. 

  1. In the Google Home mobile app, select (+) in the upper left corner.  

  2. Under Add to home, select (+) Set up device.  

  3. Under Works with Google, select Have something already set up?  

  4. Search for Hilo Energy.  

  5. A new window will ask you to enter your username (email) and password. Please enter your Hilo connection info and select Sign in. 

Once authentication is completed, you’ll have access to your Hilo devices in the Google Home app. You’ll be able to control them using your voice with Google Assistant or using the Google Home app itself. You’ll still be able to control your devices using the Hilo app at all times.

Having trouble setting up your Google Home voice assistant? Read this help page.