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Hilo, exactly what you need

Discover an affordable, advantageous smart home service offering step-by-step guidance—from installation to programming connected devices—to maximize energy savings throughout your home.

  • Turnkey installation included

  • Save up to 15% on your electricity bill

  • Earn cash rewards with Hilo challenges

Hilo smart home

Your smart home is equipped with many devices and some are essential for using Hilo solutions.


The Starter kit

Available free of charge, it includes the Hilo hub, which centralizes all your smart home devices and allows you to manage them from a single app. Also includes two smart plug-in switches.

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Smart thermostats

Hilo smart thermostats and Hilo-compatible smart thermostats let you manage your indoor heating no matter where you are. The set temperature of your thermostats will automatically be reduced during Hilo challenges, giving you the possibility of earning cash rewards.

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Electric vehicle charging

Certain EVduty charger models can be connected to the Hilo mobile app for free. This smart way of recharging your electric vehicle will also help you earn cash rewards during Hilo challenges.

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Complementary products

Add programmable connected products to make your everyday tasks even easier and create personalized environments.

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Solutions for better home energy management

With Hilo, you can save energy in several ways. Each solution allows you to participate in Hilo challenges and earn cash rewards.

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The Starter kit

To benefit from the Hilo smart home, you need the Starter kit. It includes the hub, which links all your connected devices and allows them to participate in Hilo challenges, plus two smart plug-in switches.

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Heating solution

Getting a Hilo smart thermostat pays off! They’re programmable and can even be managed remotely with the Hilo app. Plus, it can help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 15%.

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Electric mobility solution

Link your EVduty electric vehicle charging station to your Hilo smart hub to participate in challenges and earn rewards.

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Other compatible devices

With Hilo, you can use a voice assistant to manage your smart home devices. Whether you want to adjust the temperature or dim the lights in your home, all you have to do is ask.

Estimate your savings

What is your home’s energy potential?

Hilo helps you save by consuming smartly and at the right time. Take on our energy consumption challenges to earn cash rewards and program your connected devices to reduce your electricity bill.


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