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Invite a friend and get $25

It pays to talk about Hilo! When someone you know joins Hilo with your code, they get a $25 discount and you get a $25 bonus. Spread the word!


Hilo Promo - Invite a friend!

You are a Hilo customer


1. Find your code


Your code was sent to you by email. It is also available in the Hilo application.


2. Share it


Send your code to people you know. It can be used as many times as desired.


3. Get your bonus


When someone you know uses your code, we add $25 to the total rewards you receive at the end of your season of challenges (if their installation is completed).

You haven't joined Hilo yet


1. Find a code


Someone you know could send you their code. If not, ask another Hilo customer to share their code with you.


2. Add it to your shopping cart


When you're ready to submit your first order, add the code to your shopping cart.


3. Get a $25 discount


A discount of $25 will automatically be applied to your order.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I find my code?

Your code is available in the Hilo app. To find it, select the Menu icon in the lower-right-hand corner of the screen. Next, scroll down and click on the Get My Code button. Note: Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the app.

How does the program work?

Every Hilo customer has their own unique code, sent to them by email or through the Hilo app, which they can share with friends and family. Every time this code is used to submit a first order with Hilo, that person receives a $25 bonus (which is applied once Hilo has installed the devices at the new customer's home) which is added to their total rewards for the current challenge season (or for the next challenge season if the current season has ended). Meanwhile, the new customer will receive a $25 discount on their first order. Please note that this discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.

Where can I check the total amount of my bonuses?

At this time, it is not possible to check the total bonus amount in the application. However, we're doing our best to make this feature available as soon as possible.

How many times can my code be used?

There is no limit on the number of new customers who can use your code. However, note that this code can only be used to submit a first order.

When are the bonuses sent?

The bonuses will be added to the total rewards earned at the end of each challenge season (held from December 1 to March 31).

How do I know if my friend used my code?

You will receive an email each time your code is used. (Or you could also just ask your friend!)

Can the $25 discount be combined with other offers?

No, the $25 discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.

Will my code expire?

No, your code will remain valid at all times.