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What will happen if my Hydro-Québec meter and Hilo hub cannot be connected?

With some types of homes, a connection between the Hydro‑Québec meter and the Hilo hub cannot be made. This could be due to there being too great a distance (40 feet or more) between your Hydro‑Québec meter and your Hilo hub, or to some sort of physical interference, such as a concrete, brick or stone wall.

Will this affect my Hilo experience?

You will still be able to use your devices and create scenes and programs as you would normally. However, some information will not display in the app, such as your home’s real-time consumption and power use.

Will I still receive rewards?

Absolutely! Hilo will be able to get your consumption data from Hydro-Québec, and your results will be sent to you within 48 hours of completion of the challenge.

In the rare event that we are unable to calculate your baseline consumption to determine your consumption goal for a given challenge, you will receive a lump sum based on your home’s potential energy savings and your mode of participation.

In such events, for every Hilo challenge you accept, your reward will be $0.40 per device included (thermostat, electric water heater controller, charging station) for the duration of the challenge. You will receive an additional lump sum depending on your chosen mode of participation (moderate, intrepid or extreme).

  • Moderate mode: $0.50
  • Intrepid mode: $1.50
  • Extreme mode: $3.00