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Hilo joins forces with real estate developers and broadens its offer to all types of buildings

The Hilo smart home service is now available for residential properties with five or more units, enabling more homeowners to enroll.

September 23, 2021

Through the initiative, an increased number of homes in Québec can now maximize their energy savings through simple actions and take on Hilo challenges to reduce their consumption. They will also be able to earn cash incentives and enjoy savings of up to 15% on their electricity bill.

During the colder months, Hilo offers up to 30 energy-reduction challenges that reward participating customers for every kilowatthour (kWh) they do not consume. Last winter, Hilo customers received an average of $125 back.

Residents of properties with five or more units can use our online calculator to estimate the total savings they could earn with Hilo.

Hilo joins forces with real estate developers for a greener future

Hilo is announcing its collaboration with two real estate developers to build more smart homes and neighborhoods that meet tomorrow’s energy needs today.

Installing Hilo connected devices in residences during the construction phase gives buyers the opportunity to optimize their consumption as soon as they take possession of their home.

In addition, integrating the Hilo solution into residential projects is beneficial from the environmental and financial perspectives. By creating connected communities, neighborhoods and cities, we efficiently consume only the energy we need—and no more—and help accelerate Québec’s energy transition.

Hilo is now collaborating with the following projects:

  • Quartier Metta, an innovative project in the Sainte-Dorothée sector in Laval
  • Several SMB Dallaire projects in the greater Québec area

“The more Hydro-Québec customers enrol, the more energy will be displaced and offset and the more Québec society and the environment will benefit. The collaborations we are announcing with real estate developers to broaden our offer to buildings with five or more units will enable more Quebecers to consume the energy the need, and no more.”

Sébastien Fournier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilo


About Hilo

Hilo is a Hydro-Québec subsidiary whose mission is to develop innovative, value-added products and services designed to position Hydro-Québec as a major provider of new energy services. In addition to smart home offerings, Hilo will soon launch services to help companies reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Other products and services will gradually be deployed, including electric mobility offerings, smart energy storage and solar self-generation. For more information about Hilo:


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