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Protect your family around the clock

A 2-in-1 smart detector that detects smoke and carbon monoxide, alerting you to any danger, even when you’re away. 
Model: Onelink 1042253

Unit price: $139.99

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Wirelessly connects via Wi-Fi to other compatible smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. 
Voice alerts provide the type and location of danger; select from 13 pre-programmed locations. 
Photoelectric smoke sensor helps reduce nuisance alarms caused by cooking smoke or shower steam. 
Quick and easy installation. No wiring required.  
Sends emergency alerts via smart phone if there is a smoke or carbon monoxide incident.  
All Onelink smart detectors will sound if one detects danger.  
Chirps when battery is low or when end of product lifetime is approaching. 

Replaceable battery. Original battery lasts up to 5 years.

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