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Smart Plug-In Switch

The smart plug-in switch lets you manage your devices with the Hilo app, wherever you are.

Brand: Jasco Enbrighten
Model: 43095

Unit price: $51.99

Two smart plug-in switches are currently included in the Starter kit.

Add the desired number of smart wall switches to your order in the additional products step.

Maximum load: 600W incandescent; 1800W (15A) resistive or 1/2 HP motor. The total load capacity for both outlets for the smart plug-in switch is 1800 W (15 A) resistive.
Duplex smart plug-in switches (the two sockets are not independent; the power on/off applies to both sockets). 
Remote ON/OFF control via the Hilo app or in manual mode. 
Does not block the lower outlet when plugged into the upper outlet of a duplex wall receptacle (assuming the duplex receptacle is mounted with the ground pin down).

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Phantom power buster

Turn off your appliances and defuse phantom power, which can represent up to 10% of your electricity bill!

Compact design

Enjoy a smart, space-saving plug-in switch that blends discreetly into your décor.

Even better scenes

Devices connected to the smart plug-in switch can be added to the scenes you create.