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Hilo challenges

4 Ways to Maximize Your Chances of a Successful Challenge

Here are a few simple ways to increase your chances of succeeding in your challenges and maximizing your rewards.

During a challenge:

  1. Don’t touch your thermostats from the start of the preheating phase to the end of the recovery phase. Not even to lower the temperature! Every time you set the temperature of a thermostat, it is excluded from the current challenge, putting your reward at risk. For added comfort or more rewards, wait for the notification of the next challenge to change your settings.
  2. Avoid using your appliances and water heater. Put off using the dryer and baking those muffins until later. The calculation of your rewards takes into account your home’s overall electricity consumption.
  3. Don’t activate heating scenes or programs. Again, it could make you fail the current challenge.
  4. Don't give up on an ongoing challenge, not even during the recovery phase. You’ll lose any rewards earned from the start of this challenge.

Tip! In order to avoid any accidental change of the thermostat’s set temperature on the physical thermostat during a challenge, you can lock the device’s keypad by modifying the setting in the advanced menu.


Follow the instructions below.

1.     On the thermostat, press and hold the square button for three seconds to access the advanced menus.

2.     Briefly press the square button four times to reach menu 40 (keypad lock).

3.     Press the right arrow to turn the keypad OFF.

4.     Briefly press the square button to confirm your choice.

5.     Press and hold the square button for three seconds to exit the advanced menus.