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When will I be notified of a challenge?

You will be notified the day before a challenge.

  • You will receive a notification in the app the day before an event. Make sure to allow notifications via the settings of your mobile device.
  • You can also receive an email the day before an event; to do so, simply allow challenge notifications in the Hilo app.
  1. Tap the Menu icon on the bottom right of the screen
  2. Tap “My Settings”
  3. Tap “Notifications”
  4. Tap the slider in the New challenge scheduled banner (when allowed, the slider moves to the right)

Challenges take place during peak periods, which can occur in the morning or early evening, or both when it is especially cold.

If two challenges are scheduled on the same day, you will receive two notifications the day before. There may also be challenges on consecutive days; you will receive a notification for each one.