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Hilo is offering the first-ever smart solution for electric water heaters
that meets Québec’s public health requirements.

Montreal, December 16, 2021 – The Hilo smart home ecosystem now boasts a new service. Beginning in March 2022, the Hilo smart solution for electric water heaters and a compatible HydroSolution water heater will be available to consumers

During winter, smart water heaters can be shut off remotely for Hilo customers who have authorized this measure. The large quantity of water in the water heaters will remain hot for several hours, which means comfort will not be sacrificed. Once the challenge is over, the water heater will turn back on and operate normally.

A limited quantity of the beta version of the solution will be offered at a cost of $0 in winter 2022. Customers who have water heaters installed in the coming months will be able to participate in Hilo challenges as of winter 2022-2023 and accumulate rewards.

As is true for all Hilo devices, this is a turnkey option. The new water heater will be installed by a certified installer at no charge and the old water heater—whether rented or owned—will be recycled. The Hilo offer consists of a load controller, a probe and a plumbing kit, which will be provided upon purchase of a 60-gallon, bottom-entry water heater from HydroSolution.

This is the only smart solution for electric water heaters allowing the appliances to be shut off remotely and safely that meets Québec’s public health requirements. Hydro-Québec’s research institute has developed technology that reduces the risk of legionellosis infection to a minimum.

Given the importance of electricity consumption related to water and space heating, the Hilo ecosystem related to the smart solution for water heaters will evolve over the coming years. Eventually, it will be possible to retrofit compatible water heaters with the smart solution, provided that certain eligibility criteria are met.

Hydro-Québec launched its Hilo subsidiary two years ago, primarily to manage winter peaks, that is, times when demand on the grid is at its highest. By using thermostats to lower or shift electricity consumption related to space heating, and soon using water heaters to do the same for water heating, Hilo is helping to reduce future supply needs and further electrify Québec.

HydroSolution is the largest installer of electric water heaters in Québec, in addition to selling and leasing them

“The launch of the first smart solution for water heaters that meets public health requirements is a key step in the rollout of the Hilo smart home offer. Water heating can represent up to 20% of a home’s electricity consumption and our customers will now be able to collect more rewards during challenges.”

Sébastien Fournier, President and CEO of Hilo

“Sustainability is at the heart of our concerns. We are proud that the Hilo smart solution for water heaters is possible thanks to HydroSolution water heaters, which are recognized for their reliability and quality and are installed by our experts. Customers will still be able to rent or purchase the water heater, depending on their needs.”

Nicolas Ayotte, President and CEO of HydroSolution

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