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5 benefits of smart smoke detectors

March 5, 2021

We all know that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. But smart detectors have even more to offer than traditional models. Here are 5 reasons to install a First Alert OneLink smoke detector in your Hilo smart home.

It will alert you even when you’re not at home

As you may have guessed, the primary advantage of a smart detector is that it connects to your smartphone. If it ever detects smoke or carbon monoxide, you’ll receive a notification, even when you’re away. You can immediately call the fire department, and save your home and personal belongings.

Where and what—it tells you everything!

Suppose your family wakes up to an alarm sounding in the middle of the night. What do you do? What’s the best way out of the house? When your smart detector sounds, a voice alerts you to the location of the danger from among 13 pre-programmed locations. For example, you may hear: “Warning. Evacuate. Smoke in the basement.” You can then quickly guide your family to a safe exit, avoiding any panic.

It’s part of an interconnected team

These detectors wirelessly interconnect with other compatible smart alarms. It’s very practical, especially if you have a big house! For example, if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected on the first floor while you’re watching a movie in the basement, all the connected detectors will sound to alert you of the danger.

It lets you cook in peace

Unlike an ordinary smoke detector that goes off every time you burn toast, this device reduces the number of false alarms. One of its most sophisticated features is that it can distinguish between cooking fumes, shower steam and real fires.

It will ask you to change its batteries—quietly

Since the battery lasts 5 years, and the device 10, you might forget about changing them. The beauty of a smart detector is that you’ll get notified on the app when the battery is low or nearing the end of its product life. No more annoying chirps at 2 a.m. reminding you to change the battery—unless you ignore the notifications!

In short, the First Alert OneLink smoke and carbon monoxide detector makes your home and family even safer. Peace of mind, better protection and practicality—what more could you ask?!