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3 things to know about Hilo installations

November 17, 2022  2 minutes reading

Hilo provides a turnkey installation service for its heating solution. That means we’ve thought through everything you’ll need in advance so that you can enjoy your smart home as much as possible... and as soon as possible! So how does it work?

Here’s what you need to know about the Hilo installation

1. It’s easy

When you complete your order online, you select the installation date that works best for you.

You’ll receive an email reminder five days before this date. If you chose to pay the total amount by credit card, we will effect a pre-authorization (a temporary hold on your credit card for the amount of your order until Hilo can confirm the precise amount to be debited).

The invoice will only be sent once the installation is complete. This is when we will process the payment for the devices installed.

Note: You must download the Hilo mobile application before the installer arrives. This will enable you to create your account, name your residence and create your rooms in advance.

2. We guide you through the process, step by step

On installation day...

Installing Hilo’s heating solution can take between two to five hours, depending on the number of devices selected. First, the installer will connect your hub, then together you will decide the best locations to place your devices. The goal is to avoid any signal interference to optimize the efficiency of your connected home.

After disconnecting the electricity, your thermostats will be installed, as well as your switches and dimmers, depending on your particular order.

The installer will then reconnect the electricity, connect these devices to the hub and verify they work properly. Note that you will need to make a few changes in the Hilo app on your mobile device.

If you ordered wall switches, the installer will connect them to the hub, then will hand them over to you so you can place them wherever you prefer within your home. You can install the solution for recharging electric vehicles without the help of the installer.

The installer will then restore the power and check that the appliances are working properly. And that's it!

3. We help you explore every possibility

Now your smart home is installed! The possibilities are almost endless... In addition to helping you configure the mobile application, the installer will introduce you to its features: scenes for maximizing your comfort or achieving a certain ambience at various times of the day, settings for heating or lighting devices, and so much more. This is all so you can get the most out of your connected home. And because we’re always looking to improve, you’ll even receive a customer satisfaction survey after the installation.

Want to see the full process?

Please note that your devices may be different than the ones shown in this video.