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6 good reasons to use a smart switch

Smart devices aren’t just practical, they’re also economical, and the Hilo smart plug-in switch is no exception. It allows you to both save energy (and therefore money) and maximize your comfort. Plus, it’s one of the connected devices offered as a bonus as part of our smart home bundles. Here’s how to use it, as well as 6 ideas for making your everyday life a bit easier.

How does it work?

It's very simple: Once plugged into a wall socket, our smart switch lets you connect various devices that you would like to turn on or off using the Hilo application, even when you’re not close by—whether that means you’re in another room or in another city.

Bye-bye, phantom power!

Even when they’re off, many plugged-in devices consume electricity. This is what’s known as phantom power. This extra load can compose up to 10% of your electricity bill! By plugging these devices into a smart switch, you can easily make sure they are completely switched off, remotely, no matter where you are.

A super-practical switch

Our smart switch will help you save electricity as well as improve your comfort and energy efficiency. Here are a few examples.

1. Coffee in bed

This is a classic that never goes out of fashion: Start your coffee machine while you’re still in bed so that your favourite morning beverage is freshly brewed the moment you get up.

2. A cool home

Leaving work soon? Start your air conditioner* before quitting time so that your home will be nice and cool the moment you arrive.
Note: Total load capacity for both outlets is 1,800 W (15 A).

3. Maximum comfort and convenience

You’ve just slipped into bed when you realize you left the lamp on in the living room. No problem! Just turn it off with a simple click.

4. Shhhh! Sleeping baby

Turn the humidifier in your baby’s room on or off remotely and avoid waking the baby.

5. Keep the kids cozy

Worried your little one will feel cold when the temperature drops at night? Simply turn on the space heater in their room—without having to get out of bed.

6. No more forgetting

“I can’t remember if I left my straightening iron on…” Sound familiar? Don’t worry, now you can turn it off no matter where you are.

Remember: The Hilo smart switch is one of the connected devices offered as a bonus with all three of our Hilo smart home bundles (up to 8 devices offered as a bonus, depending on which bundle you choose!). Why deprive yourself?