Saving energy in summer: 10 easy tips

Saving energy is Hilo’s main mission. In the summer, even though you’re not using heat (which means we can’t send you any Hilo challenges!), you might still have certain habits that aren’t energy efficient. Here are a few things you can do to reduce your consumption and lower your electricity bill at the same time.

Tip #1

Cook on the barbecue

During the summer, cooking on the barbecue lets you save electricity while also avoiding heating up the house when you turn on the stove—and increasing the air conditioning to compensate. Just one more good reason to love barbecue season (as if you needed any more!).


Tip #2

Give your pool a break

By occasionally turning off your pool’s filtration pump, you can save up to 45% on its electrical costs. And by installing a timer, you can schedule these breaks without even having to think about it.


Tip #3

Go for a dip at 27ºC

Setting the temperature of your pool at 27ºC instead of 29ºC can translate into an energy savings of around 25% for the season. What a refreshing idea!


Tip #4

Time your showers

By reducing your daily shower by just one minute, you can save around $50 a year.


Tip #5

Turn off the TV

Does keeping your TV on in screen-saver mode for hours at a time sound familiar? Whether you’re watching it or not, when your TV is on, it keeps consuming energy—this is what’s referred to as phantom power. A good idea is to plug all devices with similar uses into a plug-in smart switch, which you can turn off with just one click in your Hilo application.


Tip #6

Turn off your exterior lighting

That little outdoor light that you leave on every night without even thinking about it adds more to your electrical bill. Consider turning it off before you go to bed. Even better: With the Hilo smart home service, you can control your smart in-wall switch remotely from the application, or even program it so the light turns on and off automatically!


Tip #7

Limit your air conditioning

Cooling to less than 24ºC will cost from 3% to 5% more in air conditioning. That’s something worth rethinking and adjusting to. And to optimize the functioning of your AC unit, consider cleaning it or replacing the filters once a year. Leaving the house? Turn off the AC. By plugging the unit into a plug-in smart switch, you can turn it back on a few minutes before you return home.


Tip #8

Consider a clothesline

What’s more enjoyable than drying your laundry outside in the summer? Not only will it smell fresh and clean, it will consume 100% less electricity than by using the dryer.


Tip #9

Take it easy with the fan

Don’t leave the fan on when you’re not at home—although it makes you feel cooler by stirring up the air, it doesn’t really cool down your home, strictly speaking. A better idea is combining the use of a fan with air conditioning when you’re in a particular room, thereby allowing you to turn down the air conditioning a bit.


Tip #10

Close the drapes

On bright summer days, consider drawing the curtains during the hottest hours of the day. You’ll stop the sunlight from overheating the house and keep the interior cool. It will also help you use the air conditioning more economically.


Now you can see that adopting one or two of these simple habits can end up having positive effects on your electrical bill. Not to mention benefits for the environment!