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Everyday efficiency in 4 scenes

March 4, 2022  4 minutes reading

As the old saying goes, Time is money! And at at Hilo, we understand that being able to save a few minutes every day adds up to a lot. So here are four ideas for programming scenes that will make your everyday routine a bit easier, plus help you get the most out of your smart devices.

Let’s begin with a little reminder: A scene is a set of commands sent to one or several smart devices that are activated all at once through the Hilo application. Scenes enable you to save time and adopt a greener lifestyle while maximizing your home’s comfort level.

Stress-free mornings

Heading back to the office? Say goodbye to chaotic mornings! With an effective Morning scene, your curling iron, towel warmer and coffee machine, which are all connected into smart plugs, will turn on as soon as you wake up. At the same time, the temperature in the bathroom will increase by a few degrees. You can even warm up your garment steamer to ensure your outfit is wrinkle-free.

Uh-oh... did you just get to work and wonder whether you left any appliances on? No need to head back home, since your smart plugs will let you turn everything off remotely no matter where you are.

Business travel

Do you travel for work? With smart plugs, dimmers and switches, you can create a scene called Business Travel. When you’re about to leave, the temperature will lower a few degrees in every room of your house. You can also program all your small appliances to shut down, like your coffee machine, sound system and TV if they are connected to smart plugs (which will reduce phantom loads and save you money on your next electricity bill). You can also arrange to have a few lights turn on and off automatically to make it seem like someone is home, especially during the evening.

Lazy Saturday mornings

Enjoy the comfort of bed a bit longer while your kids are entertaining themselves. Turn the TV on for them or even the lights in their room through the Hilo app, without having to get out of bed.

Create a scene called Royal Wake-up using your Hilo switch and dimmer. You’ll enjoy being slowly awakened by subdued lighting and the gradual warming of your selection of rooms. Of course it would be perfect to also have your kettle plugged into a smart plug so you can program it to turn on automatically—your morning green tea will be ready in no time.

Do you have a voice assistant? Use it to activate your scenes or particular devices.

Family night in three clicks

Weekends were made for family movie night! So why not kick off your weekend with a Movie Night scene? All you need is a smart plug, a dimmer and a few smart switches. By 7:30 p.m., when you’re all collapsed together on the sofa, you won’t even have to get up! The TV will turn on, the lights in the living room will be turned down, other lights in your house will be turned off and the temperature of unoccupied rooms will be lowered by one or two degrees. Doesn’t that sound great?

Hilo scenes—the best way to optimize your time, be more efficient and save energy. There are so many possibilities! All it takes is a bit of imagination.