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If hydropower is green energy, why must we conserve it?

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A clean, healthy environment is achieved through green energy sources—one of which, of course, is hydropower. What are the advantages of green energy? It has no negative impact on health, and it doesn’t pollute. The more we use it, the less we need to turn to non-renewable energy sources and the more we contribute to better air quality.

Climate change and growing needs

In Québec, our biggest source of green energy is hydroelectricity. We’re lucky: the power we produce is eco-friendly and renewable, and it covers almost all our needs (97%).

However, technology use and climate change mean that we’re using energy more and more, sometimes in huge quantities. In terms of technology, simply think about the growing electrification of transportation and increasing popularity of electric vehicles. All good news, of course . . . but it also leads to greater demand. As for the climate, consider the rising frequency of seasonal events like extreme cold spells and heat waves. These events cause demand to spike during peak periods, forcing us to purchase kilowatts from neighbouring markets, despite all our resources. The risk in the medium term is having to pay for a resource we already have in abundance. In the long term, it’s having to add equipment or build new facilities—even if Hilo is currently working on a highly interesting virtual power plant, expected to be ready by 2028.


Yes, you can help!

With Hilo, you can do your part and then some to save energy and money. How? There are two ways.

  • By taking on Hilo challenges, which invite you to reduce your consumption during peak periods so as not to overload the power grid—and get rewards for doing it! To learn more, click here.
  • By adopting the Hilo smart home, whose breakthrough home automation features let you do things like turn your heat up and down remotely! Simply choose from one of three smart home sizes (small, medium and large) and a range of smart products that help you manage energy more effectively. The perfect tool for using electricity responsibly and reducing your power bill! To find out more about Hilo and the right bundle for your home, click here.

Coming soon: two exciting new solutions

In keeping with smart consumption (and the savings it brings!), Hilo will soon roll out a smart charging solution that will let electric vehicle owners use their chargers to participate in Hilo challenges. There’s also a new smart solution for electric water heater in the works.