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Quebec’s clean energy transition: A look toward the future

October 17, 2022  2 minutes reading

As part of the podcast series Energy Transition Talks, Frédéric Lesieur, Senior Vice-President of Consulting Services at CGI, recently interviewed Sébastien Fournier, our CEO. Listen to their discussion on the future of energy in Quebec:

For Sébastien Fournier, the best kilowatt-hour is one that hasn’t been wasted. In Quebec, residential energy consumption is quite high, but our advantage is that energy is greener here than in many other places around the world; still, big challenges remain for our province. By 2050, estimates show an additional 100 terawatt-hours is needed for the electrification of Quebec.

What is needed to reach that goal? Hilo is playing a part through the development of innovative products and services that help households and companies contribute to the green energy transition. To date, thousands of households have joined the Hilo movement and are participating in Hilo challenges during peak periods.


“By 2028, Hilo plans to transfer over 600 megawatts, or the equivalent electricity produced by the Romaine-2 power plant.”

– Sébastien Fournier