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11 effective tips to save energy in winter

January 4, 2022  2 minutes reading

In winter, cold days and less daylight make for increased energy consumption. Still, just a few small changes to your daily routine can help lower your electricity bill. Below, some good habits to adopt to reduce your energy use and save all winter long.

Tip #1

Close your blinds at night

When it comes to heat loss, windows can be your biggest culprit. Drawing your curtains or closing your blinds at night will help keep the heat inside and limit your energy expenses. Come sunrise, the inverse applies: throw them open to warm your home with passive solar heat.

Tip #2

Turn the thermostat down by one degree

One degree isn’t enough to make you shiver, but it can certainly help you save on your bill. In fact, this small change could reduce your heating costs by 5% to 7%! And Hilo thermostats make it even easier to adjust the temperature in your home, because they can be controlled with the mobile app.

Tip #3

Take on Hilo challenges!

It's easy: during peak consumption periods, Hilo lowers the temperature of your thermostats by a few degrees. You don’t need to do a thing—we take care of everything. In exchange, you receive cash rewards. It’s a win-win solution! Curious? Use our savings calculator to estimate your annual savings and potential rewards through Hilo.

Tip #4

Turn off the range hood

When it’s on, your range hood can suck up a lot of your home’s heat. Once you’re done cooking and the odours have been evacuated, be sure to turn it off immediately. (Ah ... finally, silence!)

Tip #5

Don't overheat the garage

Garages are often less insulated—and it’s likely you don’t spend a lot of time there. If you use your garage infrequently, keep the temperature at a minimum. Your savings can be substantial over an entire winter.

Tip #6

Shower at a low flow

Installing a low-flow shower head won't make your morning shower any less wonderful, but it can make a big difference to your yearly bill.

Tip #7

Layer up

Feel a bit chilly? Cranking up the heat is the general go-to move. But you can also just put on a warm sweater or some wool socks instead.

Tip #8

Wash laundry in cold water

Using cold water instead of hot costs up to 18 times less. It adds up quickly! Plus, cold water is better for your clothes.

Tip #9

Turn off the lights

Leaving all the lights on can be nice, but it’s also an energy-consuming move. When leaving a room, remember to turn off the switch. After all, it just takes a flick of the finger to turn it back on. With Hilo smart home in-wall switches and dimmers, you can even adjust your lighting remotely with the mobile app.

Tip #10

Opt for LED lights

Replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs. They last 15 times longer and light up your home just as well !

Tip #11

Think slow cooker

A hearty stew in winter is the equivalent of a refreshing ice cream in summer. The cherry on top? Compared to stoves, slow cookers can save you up to 80% on your electricity bill.


Best of all, even if you follow only one of these tips, you’ll still lower your energy consumption and save on your bill. Go ahead and give it a try !