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Winter and energy savings: get your home ready

October 26, 2021  3 minutes reading

The leaves have fallen and the weather is getting cooler... winter is definitely on the way. How can you get your home (and your wallet) ready for the cold?


Before you turn on the heat, take the advice of some experts. Michel Boucher, a Product and Service Support Advisor at Hilo, and Catherine Vézina, former Communications Coordinator with the Éconologis program, share their tips on how to manage energy better in your home.

1. Insulate your home better

Insulation is the key to reducing winter energy consumption. That’s why the cooler weather at your door is the best time to make sure your property is well insulated. According to our experts, you should check whether:

  • Exterior caulking is in good condition or needs repair
  • External sockets are covered
  • Doors and windows are airtight. Apply plastic wrap to windows and draft stoppers to doors if necessary.

If your home isn’t properly insulated, it will lose heat and you’ll get a higher bill than normal. The bottom line: insulate before you heat.

2. Adapt your energy consumption

Do you do the laundry while you have your morning coffee? Do you use the dishwasher and dryer when you get home from work? Understanding your energy habits and shifting your consumption to off-peak hours will help you save big this winter. Why not adopt these new habits now?

The cold weather is coming… and so are the Hilo challenges. They can earn you an average of $140 in rewards each year!

3. Switch to LED lighting

LED lighting helps you to save money with 70 to 90% more energy savings than incandescent lighting, even if you forget to turn off a light. "LED bulbs last longer and use less energy," said Catherine Vézina of Éconologis.

And if you accidentally leave a few lights on, you can turn them off by using the Hilo app on your mobile phone.

4. Create scenes based on your needs

With the Hilo app you can create "scenes", a group of settings programmed on Hilo devices that can be activated all at once. Perfect for saving money, says our Hilo expert, Michel Boucher.

Want to dim all the lights in the house after 9 p.m.? You can do that. Want to turn the heat down 2 degrees when you go to bed at 10:30 p.m.? No problem. These scenes (programmed by you) quietly save you money. Can you afford to live without them?

5. Take a tour of your house

Just walking around your house to make sure the heating is circulating properly might save you money. Spotting appliances that you haven’t inspected regularly over the years can help you to improve energy management. Our specialists suggest that you:

  • Clear everything away from the furnace, radiators and vents
  • Turn down the heat in rooms that are not used as much and close the door
  • Make sure the dryer duct is properly connected to prevent moisture from escaping

The Hilo app saves you time because you can use your phone to see which smart devices consume the most power. You can fix that with just one click!

To learn more about Hilo, a smart energy solution that saves you money all year long, visit here.