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Will my vehicle be fully recharged before the next time I need to use it?

In most cases, recharging your vehicle will be complete before its next use. However, the level of recharge of your vehicle’s battery before its next use will depend on a number of factors:

  • the time you will be leaving;
  • your vehicle’s battery level at the start of the Hilo challenge;
  • the storage capacity of the battery;
  • the maximum (capacity of the onboard charger, which varies from one vehicle to another;
  • the maximum recharge level of your charger, normally 208/240V /30 amperes/7.2 kW in the case of EVduty chargers, which in some cases may be limited by the capacity of your electrical panel.

It is possible to change your recharging schedule based on your challenge notifications, which are sent the day before the challenge. This will enable you to recharge outside of peak periods and ensure your vehicle is ready for your next trip. This will also let you maximize the reward you earn during the challenge.