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5 golden rules for optimizing your cash rewards

October 11, 2022  2 minutes reading

The goal of any Hilo challenge is to reduce your energy consumption and help relieve pressure on the grid during peak periods. To succeed at a challenge, your actual consumption during the challenge must be lower than your baseline consumption. This is what we call the curtailment. To maximize your rewards, you have to maximize your curtailment. Here are 5 easy tips for optimizing your cash rewards during Hilo challenges.

5 golden rules for optimizing your cash rewards - woman consulting the Hilo app

1. Let Hilo do all the work! Don’t touch your Hilo thermostats at any time during a challenge, including the preheating phase and right through to the recovery phase. Every time you adjust the temperature of a thermostat, it is excluded from the challenge that is underway, which might mean you will fail the challenge.

2. Avoid using your appliances. The calculation of your reward takes into account the overall electricity consumption of your home during the challenge. That means baking a batch of muffins can definitely wait until the challenge is over! Hilo now offers a solution for electric vehicle charging that can make your life even easier. Already a Hilo customer? Here’s how you can include your charger in challenges.

3. Don’t quit a challenge that is already underway, even during the recovery phase at the very end. You’ll lose the rewards you had been accumulating from the beginning of that challenge, which would be unfortunate.

4. Be bold—try Intrepid or Extreme mode! In Intrepid mode, the temperature increases by 2°C during the preheating phase, then lowers by 4°C during the reduction phase (as opposed to +1.5°C and -3°C in Moderate mode). And in Extreme mode, the temperature lowers 6 degrees! The quantity of energy you might save is larger, and your rewards will be too!

5. To limit your energy consumption, be sure to deactivate preheating on the thermostats in unused rooms.

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