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5 golden rules for successful challenges

The goal of any Hilo challenge is to reduce your energy consumption during peak periods, which lightens the load on the electrical network.To succeed at a challenge, your actual consumption during the challenge must be lower than your baseline consumption. This is what we call the curtailment. To maximize your rewards, you have to maximize your curtailment. Here are 5 easy tips for getting there!

  1. Let Hilo do all the work! Don’t touch your thermostats during a challenge, from the preheating phase to the recovery phase. Every time you change the temperature of a thermostat, it is excluded from the challenge that is underway. The result? A lower curtailment, and a reduction in your reward.
  2. Avoid using electrical appliances, hot water and the charging station for your electric vehicle. The calculation of your rewards takes into account the overall electricity consumption of your home during the challenge. Baking muffins, showering, doing the laundry… all of that can definitely wait until after the challenge.
  3. Close the doors that separate the rooms in your home. Maintaining a room’s temperature requires more energy if the temperature of the room next to it is reduced. Leaving doors open between rooms allows heat to escape into colder rooms.
  4. Do not abandon a challenge once it’s underway, not even during the recovery phase at the very end. This would be unfortunate, since you would lose any awards you had accumulated since the start of the challenge.
  5. Try intrepid mode! In intrepid mode, the temperature increases by 2°C during the preheating phase and lowers by 4°C during the reduction phase (compared to an increase of 1.5°C and decrease of 3°C in moderate mode). The amount of energy you can save is larger, and your rewards will be too!

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