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Connect as many devices as possible for maximum rewards!

December 8, 2023  4 minutes reading

With Hilo, it’s easy to take energy consumption reduction challenges with smart devices in exchange for cash rewards. And the more devices you connect, the bigger your potential rewards.

How do I get started?

To turn your house into a smart home, first get the Starter Kit, which is available at no cost. It includes two smart plug-in switches and, most importantly, a hub. This is the control centre that regulates all your devices and lets you manage them through a single application. 

What about taking challenges? All you need to do is get a few low-cost thermostats on Hilo’s website. Once the devices have been added in the application, you won’t need to set them manually—everything is automated! 

In addition to Hilo thermostats for electric baseboard heaters, you can also get Hilo thermostats for electric floor heating, or add compatible Honeywell Home thermostats in the application at no cost. Owners of electric cars will also find that their home chargers might also be eligible! 

The more devices, the more savings

The more connected devices you pair with the Hilo hub, the higher your potential savings and cash rewards will be when you take challenges.

For the 2022-2023 season, our customers received an average of $140. What other advantages do connected devices have? 

  • Whether you have one or ten smart devices, adjusting them is easy, even remotely, using the application.
  • Say goodbye to hassles and hello to automation! You can program scenes based on your needs to choose specific temperatures and lighting—in short, to create your perfect conditions in every room of the house.
  • Through your own effort and with our tips, you can benefit from savings of up to 15% on your annual electricity bill.
  • Does your home have central heating? Then you should know that four models of Honeywell Home thermostat are compatible with Hilo. Add one of these models in the application and, for a limited time, get a bonus of $150 as soon as you take your first challenge… in addition to the cash rewards you’ll earn during challenge season!

Want to join the Hilo community? Determine your eligibility and pick up our Starter Kit at no cost. Already a customer? Then why not add a few devices to your smart home?