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How are my rewards calculated?

For each challenge, Hilo calculates your home’s maximum consumption limit (or reference consumption), which involves determining your average consumption in recent days, then making an adjustment based on outdoor temperatures on the day of the challenge.

If your home’s energy consumption during the challenge is under the limit, you will receive a reward of 0.55¢ per unconsumed kilowatt-hour. For example, if your total consumption during the challenge is 26 kWh and your reference consumption is 31.4 kWh, you will have successfully saved 5.4 kWh (your “curtailment”). You will therefore receive a reward of $2.97: 31.4 kWh minus 26 kWh = 5.4 kWh, and 5.4 kWh x 0.55¢ = $2.97.

If we were not able to determine your maximum consumption limit, you will receive a flat-rate amount. Your reward will be 0.40¢ per included device (thermostat, electric water heater, home charger) for the duration of the challenge. If you included at least one thermostat, an additional amount will be awarded depending on your participation mode (Moderate, Intrepid or Extreme).

  • Moderate mode: $0.50
  • Intrepid mode: $1.50
  • Extreme mode: $3.00

If Hilo cancels a challenge, you will receive a reward of $2.20 irrespective of the number of devices included or participation mode selected for thermostats.

Note: Your energy consumption during the pre-heating and recovery phases has no effect on the calculation of your reward.