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How is my reference consumption calculated?

Your reference consumption is a forecast of the energy you would consume during the reduction phase, if there hasn’t been a challenge.

Hilo calculates your reference consumption based on your average consumption in the preceding days. All these calculations are made automatically.

  • First we select the most recent five days that are of the same type (excluding those in which there was a challenge). For example, if it’s for a weekday challenge, your consumption over the last five weekdays will be used.
  • To make this average as representative as possible, we exclude extreme data, meaning the day with the lowest consumption and the day with the highest consumption. The final calculation therefore takes into consideration the average of three out of the five selected days.
  • On the day of the challenge, this average is adjusted to reflect the effect of the outdoor air temperature on your consumption. 

Things that affect your reference consumption 

Your consumption follows a particular profile based on a number of factors that lie outside of Hilo’s responsibility, such as:

  • consumption habits
  • type of home (home size, number of floors, type of building, number of walls exposed to the exterior)
  • whether or not you own an electric vehicle
  • the area you live in
  • your lifestyle
  • the amount of time you are outside of your home