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How do I collect my rewards?

For Interac payments, detailed instructions will be sent by email to help you securely collect your rewards. The procedure you follow will be different depending on whether you are still a Hilo member at the time of the reward payment.

NEW for 2023! If you are still a Hilo member, your password can be obtained from the Hilo application by selecting Menu → Rewards, which will simplify the payment collection process.

You will then receive a second email with an option to accept and deposit the payment into your selected bank account.

Make sure you indicate the secret answer correctly. After three failed attempts, the Interac transfer will be cancelled and Hilo will not attempt to send any additional electronic payments. The failed transfer will be automatically replaced with a payment by cheque, which will be mailed within the following 30 working days.

If you do not deposit the Interac transfer or cheque sent by mail, Hilo will record the amount of your reward in your account and add it to your next reward payment. Please note that these rewards will be saved for a maximum of 2 years (24 months).