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Hilo Contest Rules - Hilo Customer Satisfaction Survey



The Hilo Customer Satisfaction Survey contest (the “Contest”) is being held by Hilo Services Inc. (the “Organizer”) for the purposes outlined in these Hilo Contest Rules (the “Rules”). This Organizer is the sole operator of the Contest. The Contest begins at 8 a.m. ET on April 3, 2023 and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on April 28, 2023 Eastern Time (the “Contest Period”).


The Contest is open to anyone aged 18 and over who is a resident of Quebec at the time of their registration in the Contest, and who are the original recipients of the invitation to participate in the satisfaction survey sent by email by the Contest Organizer. Any facilitator directly connected with the running of the Contest and any employee, administrator, manager, representative or agent of the Organizer or of one of their affiliated companies or subsidiaries or its advertising and promotional agencies, suppliers or consultants, legal or de facto spouses, or anyone with whom such employees, administrators, managers, representatives or agents reside are not eligible. The Organizer reserves the right to verify the eligibility of any prospective winners.


No purchase required. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning.

To participate in the Contest and to get a chance of winning a Prize (described in Section 5), participants must:

  1. Complete the Hilo Customer Satisfaction Survey sent to you by email by the Organizer.
  2. Complete the contest entry form available at the end of the Hilo Customer Satisfaction Survey questionnaire. Entry forms containing false, misleading or inappropriate information may, at the sole discretion of the Contest Organizer, be excluded.

By submitting their entry form, participants agree to be bound by these official Contest Rules. All entry forms become the exclusive property of the Contest Organizer and will not be returned to participants. Participants will not receive an acknowledgment of receipt of their entry form and proof of transmission of a contest entry will not be deemed to be proof of receipt of that entry. The Contest Organizer assumes no obligation to notify a participant whose entry form is incomplete or otherwise non-compliant.

Any participant who would prefer not to complete the survey can still enter the Contest for a chance to win one of the Prizes by submitting a text of one hundred (100) words minimum explaining why they would like to win Hilo products (the “Text”). Participants must clearly and legibly indicate the following at the end of their Text: their first name, last name, telephone number, email address and postal code. To be eligible as a contest entry, the Text must be sent by mail and received at the address below before the end of the Contest Period:

“Hilo Customer Satisfaction Survey” CONTEST
1200 McGill College Avenue
6th Floor, PO Box 52
Montreal, Quebec H3B 4G7

Or by email at:

A maximum of one Text per person will be accepted for the purposes of the Contest. By submitting their Text, participants agree to be bound by these official Contest Rules. All Texts become the exclusive property of the Contest Organizer and will not be returned to participants. Participants will not receive an acknowledgment of receipt of their Text. The Contest Organizer declines any obligation to notify a participant whose Text is incomplete or otherwise non-compliant. The Contest Organizer cannot be held responsible for any Text received late or that is invalid, incomplete or misdirected and therefore excluded.


Contest participants must respect the following limitation(s) or otherwise risk being disqualified:

- Limit of one (1) entry form per person and per email address during the Contest Period. More specifically, each participant may use only one email address to participate in the Contest, regardless of the number of email addresses they may have.

All entries are subject to verification. Should the Contest Organizer discover that an entrant has attempted: (1) to submit more than one entry form during the Contest Period or (2) has used more than one email address to enter the Contest, the entrant will be disqualified from the Contest, at the Contest Organizer’s sole discretion, and all entry forms for that entrant will be declared ineligible for the purposes of the Contest. The Contest Organizer reserves the right, at its sole and complete discretion, to require proof of identity and eligibility for the Contest, in such form as is acceptable to the Contest Organizer, from all contest participants. Inability to provide such proof by the required deadline could lead to a participant’s disqualification.


Two (2) winners will win one of the two (2) prizes available and drawn from valid entry forms. The prices offered are as follows (the "Prizes") :

Prize: A set of HiloTM products including:

  • A Onelink Smart Detector
  • A Netatmo Smart Weather Station

In all cases, the Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to substitute the Prize (or a part of the Prize) by another Prize (or element) of an equivalent value.


The value of the winners’ Prizes is as follows:

  • Onelink Smart Detector: $139.99
  • Netatmo Smart Weather Station: $219.99

The credit balance of the winner’s customer account will be $0.


Two (2) participants will be drawn at random among eligible entries by the Contest Organizer, as follows:

A random draw for the award of each Prize will be conducted by a representative of the Organizer at its office located at 1200 McGill College Avenue, 6th Floor, in Montreal, Province of Quebec, on May 1, 2023. Each random draw will take place at the Hilo offices in Montreal, Quebec. Within twenty-four (24) hours of the date of the draw, each draw’s selected participant will be contacted using the contact details provided in their entry form, in order to be informed that they are eligible to win one of the Prizes (the “Prize Notification”). Should any selected participant fail to respond or act upon their Prize Notification within forty-eight (48) hours of its being sent, or should they in any way not comply with these Official Rules, they will be disqualified and another participant will be chosen at random from among remaining entries. Any bounced or returned Prize Notification that as a result could not be issued may result in disqualification, in which case another participant will be chosen at random from among remaining entries. Entry forms that are declared winners for a draw may not be used again for any subsequent draws made for the purposes of this Contest or for any future contest or draw organized by the Contest Organizer.


The chance of a participant’s entry being randomly selected for a Prize depends on the total number of entries received during the Contest Period.


In order to be declared a winner and claim their Prize, participants whose entry is randomly selected for a Prize must:

a) Have signed the Declaration and Release Form and returned it to the Contest Organizer before May 19, 2023.

b) Correctly answer the mathematical skill question on the declaration and exemption form.

Should a winner fail to fulfill any of the conditions outlined in these Contest Rules or fail to reach the Contest Organizer within the specified time limit, or should a Prize be refused, the selected participant will be disqualified and will not be able to claim a Prize. In such cases, the Contest Organizer may, at its discretion, rescind the Prize or proceed to hold a new draw in accordance with the procedure outlined in these Contest Rules, until such time as another participant is selected and declared a winner.

Upon reception of the duly signed Declaration and Release Form, the Contest Organizer will confirm the nature of the Prize.


Verification. The entry and Declaration and Release form may be subject to verification by the Contest Organizer. All entries or Declaration Forms that are incomplete, unreadable, fraudulent, or recorded or submitted after the deadline, or that include an invalid email or phone number, an incorrect answer to the mathematical skill-testing question, or that otherwise do not conform to these Rules, may be rejected and do not confer a right to enter the Contest or win a Prize.

Disqualification. The Contest Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any person or cancel the entry of any person who participates or attempts to participate in this Contest through any means contrary to these Contest Rules or in such a way that is unfair to other participants (for example, by submitting a number of entries beyond the allowed limit, through piracy, etc.). Such a person may be reported to the relevant legal authorities.

Contest process. Any attempt to deliberately harm the Contest Website and/or any related site or to sabotage the legitimate running of this Contest represents a violation of civil and criminal codes. If such attempts are undertaken, the Contest Organizer reserves the right to reject entries from participants and seek reparation as stipulated by law.

Accepting Prizes. Prizes must be accepted as described in these Contest Rules and cannot be transferred, in whole or in part, in any case whatsoever, to another person or be substituted for another prize.

Limitation of liability: Use of Prizes. By participating in this Contest, winners agree to release and hold harmless the Contest Organizer and its affiliated or subsidiary companies, as well as their employees, administrators, managers, representatives and agents (the “Releasees”) from any damages that may be experienced resulting from accepting or using the Prize.

Limitation of liability: Provider of Prizes. All winners selected for a Prize acknowledge that from the moment the Prize is awarded, all obligations relating to the Prize become the responsibility of the provider of the services included in the Prize.

Functioning of Contest Website. The Contest Organizer does not in any way guarantee that any related website will be accessible or functional without interruption during the Contest Period, nor that such websites will be free of all error.

Limitation of liability: Functioning of Contest. The Releasees are released from any responsibility relating to the improper functioning of any computer component, software or other communication channel, or relating to the loss or lack of network communications or relating to any other transmission that fails, is incomplete, or is incomprehensible, or is erased by any computer or any network and which may limit or prevent any person from being able to participate in the Contest. The Releasees are also released of any responsibility for any damage or loss that may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the loading of any webpage or software or otherwise, or from the transmission of any information for the purposes of participating in the Contest.

Modification of Contest. The Contest Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the present Contest, in whole or in part, in cases where an event or human intervention arises that may alter or influence the Contest’s administration, safety, impartiality or proceedings as intended in these Contest Rules, subject to the approval of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec, as required.

Termination of contest participation. Should the computer system not be able to record all contest entries during the Contest Period, for whatever reason, or if participation in the Contest must be terminated, in whole or in part, before the expected end date provided in these Contest Rules, the draw will be made, at the discretion of the Contest Organizer, from among the entries recorded during the Contest Period or up until the date that contest participation ends, as the case may be.

Prize limits. In all cases, the Contest Organizer cannot be compelled to award more Prizes than stipulated in these Contest Rules, or to award a Prize in a manner that is not in conformance with these Contest Rules.

Limitation of liability: contest participation. By participating or attempting to participate in this Contest, participants release the Contest Organizer from any responsibility for harm incurred as a result of their participation or their attempt to participate in this Contest.

Authorization. By taking part in this Contest, all participants selected for a Prize authorize the Contest Organizer and its representatives to use their name, photograph, image, voice, place of residence and/or declaration relating to the Prize for the purposes of publicity without any type of remuneration or prior notice.

Communication with participants. No communication or correspondence will be undertaken with participants for the purposes of this Contest other than as outlined in these Contest Rules or unless initiated by the Contest Organizer.

Personal information. Personal information collected from participants is subject to the privacy policy available at and No communication that is not related to this Contest will be sent to participants, for commercial purposes or otherwise, unless otherwise consented to.

Ownership. Declaration and Release Forms are the property of the Contest Organizer and will not be returned to participants.

Identification of participants. For the purposes of these Contest Rules, the participant is the person whose name appears on the contest entry and it is to this person that the Prize will be awarded if their entry is selected and they are declared a winner.

Decision of the Contest Organizer. Any decision on the part of the Contest Organizer or its representatives relating to this Contest is final and without recourse, subject to any decision of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec with regard to those issues under its jurisdiction.

Disputes. Any disputes relating to the organization or conduct of a publicity contest can be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec for a ruling. A dispute regarding the awarding of a Prize can be submitted to the Régie solely for the purposes of helping the parties reach an agreement.

Separability of sections. If a section of these Contest Rules is declared or judged to be illegal, unenforceable or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, this section will be considered invalid, but all the other sections that are not affected will be applicable within the limitations permitted by law.

Language. In case of any divergence between the French and English versions of these Contest Rules, the French version will prevail.


Contest participants must remain vigilant for fake accounts and fake contests.

For the purposes of this Contest, the Organizer undertakes to never:

  • request banking information or credit card numbers in order for winners to claim a Prize.
  • require winners to call the Organizer in order to obtain an activation code before they can claim their Prize.