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Can you guarantee there is no risk of legionnaires’ disease caused by challenges?

The technology developed by the Institut de recherche d’Hydro-Québec (IREQ) enables Legionella bacteria proliferation to be reduced to the maximum possible, as well as to confirm that the electricity supply to the water heater can be safely interrupted for a Hilo challenge. While there is no such thing as zero risk, this is the only smart solution for water heaters that conforms to the requirements of Quebec’s public health department.

Legionella bacteria are a microorganism that are naturally present in city water at low levels. They can cause a type of pneumonia called legionnaires’ disease. The bacteria develop in stagnant water between 32°C and 45°C, and an infection can arise by inhaling fine particles of contaminated water. This bacteria can therefore multiply at the bottom of a water heater, where the temperature is always warm.

The Hilo smart solution for water heaters ensures the risk of proliferating Legionella is avoided as far as possible, and also ensures that Quebec’s public health requirements are respected before a challenge is authorized.