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The water in my water heater is cold. What should I do?

First, check that the charge indicator light is on. If it’s not, follow these steps:

  • If none of the indicator lights are on, check that the circuit breaker on your electrical panel is in the ON position. If it is, contact Hilo Technical Support.
  • If at least one of the indicator lights is on, press the button to turn on the controller. The charge indicator light should glow red. If it doesn’t, contact Hilo Technical Support.

Water heater load controller - User interface

  • LED indicator lights display the controller status

Hilo - Water heater load controller

Once the problem is resolved, give the water heater time to heat up the water inside it.

If the load indicator light is on but the water isn’t getting hot, call HydroSolution Technical Support at 1-877-353-0077 or complete the online form in the Contact us section of the HydroSolution website.