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Already energy-conscious? Here's why Hilo is still for you...

June 4, 2024  4 minutes reading

If you’re more of an ant than a grasshopper when it comes to your household’s energy consumption, then you might not think Hilo’s energy reduction challenges are for you. Well think again!

First, a quick reminder: Hilo is a smart home service that helps you reduce your energy consumption. During the winter, we suggest up to 30 energy reduction challenges during periods of high demand. For every kilowatt-hour you save, you'll receive cash rewards. 

Hilo’s flexible! 

It's simple: First, you choose your participation mode for each challenge, either Moderate, Intrepid, or Extreme. During a challenge, the temperature on your Hilo (or Hilo compatible) smart thermostats will then drop by a corresponding 3, 4, or 6 degrees. This means you’ll automatically reduce your consumption, no matter what the ambient temperature was before the challenge. 

Getting a little too chilly for your taste? Consider programming a preheating phase in the rooms you'll be spending the most time in while the challenge is on. This will cause the thermostats to go up a few degrees ahead of the reduction phase, ensuring that you stay more comfortable. You can also exclude certain thermostats from a challenge, for example if there’s one in the baby's room. In short, Hilo offers you a lot of flexibility. 

Rewards and savings for you 

If your home’s energy consumption during the challenge is under the limit, you’ll receive a reward of $0.55 per unconsumed kilowatt-hour (kWh). If you're already pretty careful with your household’s energy use, your total rewards may be lower than the average participating household — but it's definitely still worth it. 

And that's not all... In addition to cash rewards, you could save up to 15% on your annual electricity bill. Want some more tips that will help you lighten your bill? You could: program scenes to automate the operation of your connected devices; remotely control your appliances to ensure you only consume as much electricity as you need; and also... follow our tips for smart consumption! 

Twins Constance and Prudence Wattson, Co-owners of a condo, informed consumers

  • 5-room condo in a multi-unit building
  • 5 Hilo smart thermostats for electric baseboard heaters
  • Annual electricity costs: $850 
  • Annual savings: $128 
  • Rewards from Hilo challenges: $81

Total savings + rewards = $208 for one year 

Estimate your savings

Not to mention all the other benefits! 

First off, you can use the mobile app to simplify your daily life and increase your comfort without lifting more than a finger. For example, Hilo smart thermostats can be preprogrammed, or even set remotely. With just a few quick taps, you can make sure that the temperature drops during the winter while you're away and rises again just in time for your return home. That way, you’re not paying to heat the house when you’re not there or waiting hours for it to warm up when you return. 

Plus, you're helping the planet. By reducing your consumption during winter peaks, you're supporting the electrification of Quebec. You're also helping to limit the need to buy more expensive — and less green — electricity sources from outside the province, which means we can invest more in the maintenance and upkeep of grid infrastructure. 

And remember: no electricity saving is too small!