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Will I be cold during the challenges?

February 20, 2023  3 minutes reading

Taking part in a Hilo challenge means agreeing to reduce your energy consumption, especially for heating, during winter peaks. But how can you make sure you’ll stay comfortable? Will you need to cook with a scarf on, or are there ways not to upset your routine too much? The most important thing to know is that there are things you can do to control your comfort level during the challenges!

Hilo challenges are set when electricity demand is at its highest and the Hydro-Québec grid is under pressure. Each winter, Hilo launches up to thirty challenges, which may occur in the morning, or the evening, or both. By lowering your electricity consumption at these times, you’re helping to free up energy. And besides feeling good about participating in a collective effort, you’ll also earn cash rewards: you’ll earn more for every unused kilowatt-hour!

Tools for more flexibility

You can adjust your comfort level in the settings until midnight the day before each challenge.

First, select your preferred participation mode: moderate, intrepid or extreme. This is what determines how much the temperature will drop during the challenge:

Table comfy during Hilo challenges

Don’t worry . . . the changes in temperature are gradual to ensure optimum comfort for you throughout the challenge.

Next, you have the option of adding a preheating phase prior to your challenge. Perfect for those who are always cold! Doing this will increase the temperature two hours before a challenge starts, keeping your home cozier, longer. However, you need to use this option wisely. Only preheat the rooms your family will be using during the challenge (e.g. living room or children’s room) since preheating can negatively impact your rewards. In other words, it’s best not to preheat your entire home! If you’re not able to participate in a challenge (even in moderate mode with preheating), you can withdraw from up to five per season without penalty, but without earning any rewards for these refused challenges.

Remember: you’re in control

It’s normal for the temperature to drop a few degrees during a challenge—that’s the aim. By adjusting the settings yourself, you’re ensuring a comfortable environment, suited to your lifestyle, while earning the corresponding cash rewards. Keep in mind that choosing extreme mode without preheating will maximize your rewards, but you may need to put on some warm slippers!

So, go ahead and customize your challenges!