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Alexa voice assistant

Terms of Use regarding Hilo’s Vocal Actions using Amazon’s voice assistant function, Alexa

Effective October 19, 2020.


Hilo Services Inc. (hereinafter “Hilo”) offers you the possibility of using Amazon’s voice assistant function, Alexa (hereinafter “Voice Assistant.”) When we mention Amazon, we mean Services LLC and its affiliated companies.

With the Voice Assistant, you can control Hilo Vocal Actions. The Voice Assistant will then respond verbally or execute your command. Hilo processes any command you make in this way as communication authorized by you. In response to a demand received by the Hilo Device, Amazon converts your communication with Hilo into an interaction with the Voice Assistant, which is then kept and used by Amazon.

Agreement on Terms of Use for Alexa

By using the Voice Assistant to control your Hilo Devices through Scenes or vocal commands, you expressly agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, which are an integral part of the Terms of Use for Hilo’s Mobile App, and Hilo's Application Privacy Policy as a user (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) and by the Alexa Terms of Use, as defined below. The provisions in both of Hilo’s Terms of Use complement one another whether or not they appear in the other documents outlining the Terms of Use. They are to be interpreted as a whole. The present Terms of Use govern your use of the Voice Assistant with a Hilo Device.

Before using Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, you must read and accept the Alexa Terms of Use:

Alexa Terms of Use

(the “Alexa Terms of Use”)

For more information on your usage of the Alexa Voice Assistant:

Alexa and Alexa Device FAQs

Alexa and Your Privacy

It is your responsibility to read the Alexa Terms of Use. It is also your responsibility to accept them if you agree with them. You must read and accept them each time they are updated by Amazon. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use or the Amazon Conditions of Use, you cannot use the Alexa Voice Assistant function to control Hilo Actions.

Limitation of liability

Hilo did not develop the Amazon services and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, Hilo did not develop the Amazon apps or Alexa. In addition, Hilo did not manufacture any devices connected to the activated Voice Assistant. Therefore, to the extent allowed by the applicable laws, Hilo cannot be held liable with respect to Amazon services. Therefore, if you would like to use Hilo Vocal Actions through the Voice Assistant or other Amazon services, you do so by releasing Hilo from all liability and by accepting these Terms of Use as well as the Alexa Terms of Use. In addition, without restricting the generality of the foregoing and to the extent allowed by the applicable laws, you release Hilo from all liability, particularly if the Voice Assistant service does not hear you correctly, misinterprets what you say or even says or does something other than what you asked it to say or do. By activating the Voice Assistant, you understand and accept that Hilo cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies that impair your communication with Hilo via the Voice Assistant or for any damage that may result from an incorrect command or an unintended action by the Hilo Devices as well as the vocal activation of the Hilo Devices.

Therefore, you are responsible for all your communication with Hilo through the Voice Assistant, as well as that of any person who uses the Voice Assistant to manage your Hilo smart home. To prevent any unauthorized use, you must keep your password and other usernames you use to access the Hilo mobile app or the Voice Assistant confidential.

The Voice Assistant services are provided as is and are subject to the availability determined by Amazon.

Currently, Amazon provides the Voice Assistant free of charge. However, if Amazon changes its policy, you will have to pay all applicable fees. Also, data transmission charges may be billed to you under your cell phone or Internet plan associated with an Internet connection if you activate, configure or use the Voice Assistant. Where applicable, you are required to pay said charges.

You are not required to use Amazon services, in particular the Voice Assistant, to use Hilo smart home services.

Personal information

By activating the Voice Assistant, you authorize Hilo to share all information requested from Hilo and all information communicated to Hilo to execute Hilo Vocal Actions with Amazon. Hilo is committed to respecting your privacy and invites you to read its [Privacy Policy]. You understand that by using the Voice Assistant, you accept, in particular, that Amazon will use your information at all times and that Amazon cannot be held liable. Hilo has no influence over how Amazon services are managed or over the Voice Assistant. By using the Voice Assistant, you accept all associated risks related to its use and release Hilo from any liability in this regard. To know and accept all the Amazon Conditions of Use, please consult the above-mentioned sites.


In accordance with the use of the Hilo smart home services and the use of the Hilo mobile app, and to be eligible to use the Voice Assistant, you must be a user of the Hilo smart home, sign up for the Voice Assistant service and have a connected device as well as an Internet connection. You must also activate and configure the Voice Assistant in the Amazon or Amazon Alexa app.

Hilo may terminate your access to Hilo Vocal Actions should you fail to comply with these eligibility criteria and for any other reason.

Governing laws

The Terms of Use are governed by applicable Québec laws. All disputes and conflicts relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that province, in the judicial district of Montréal.