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Google voice assistant

Terms of Use regarding Hilo’s voice-activated actions using the Google voice assistant function

Effective January 8, 2020


Hilo Services Inc. (hereinafter “Hilo”) offers you the possibility of using the Google voice assistant function (hereinafter “Google Assistant”). When we mention Google, we mean Google LLC and its affiliated companies as well as Google’s services including Google Assistant.

Hilo has created specific actions (hereinafter “Hilo Vocal Actions”) that you can use to interact verbally with the connected devices supplied by Hilo (hereinafter “Hilo Devices”) individually or in groups (hereinafter “Scenes”) to set the brightness of a device or a room, set a thermostat temperature or carry out any other action made possible by current or future Hilo Vocal Actions.

Agreement regarding these Terms of Use and the Google Terms of Service

By using Google Assistant to control your Hilo Devices through Scenes or vocal commands, you expressly agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, the Terms of Use for Hilo’s Mobile App, and the Privacy policy regarding Hilo’s voice-activated actions using Google Assistant as a user (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) as well the Google Terms of Service as defined below. The provisions in both of Hilo’s Terms of Use complement one another whether or not they appear in the other documents outlining the Terms of Use. They are to be interpreted as a whole. The present Terms of Use govern your use of Google Assistant with a Hilo Device.

Before using Google Assistant, you must accept these Terms of Use and the Google Terms of Service, including those regarding Google Assistant services, the Google Assistant app and the Google Home app, namely:

(collectively referred to as the “Google Terms of Service”).

It is your responsibility to read the Google Terms of Service. It is also your responsibility to accept them if you agree with them. You must read and accept them each time they are updated by Google. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use or the Google Terms of Service, you cannot use the Google Assistant function to use Hilo Actions.

Limitation of liability

Hilo did not develop the Google services and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, Hilo did not develop the Google apps, Google Assistant or Google Assistant Service. What’s more, Hilo did not manufacture any devices connected to the activated Google Assistant. Therefore, to the extent allowed by the applicable laws, Hilo cannot be held liable regarding Google services. Therefore, if you would like to use Hilo Vocal Actions through Google Assistant or other Google services, you do so by releasing Hilo from all liability and by accepting these Terms of Use as well as the Google Terms of Service. In addition, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, you release Hilo from all liability, particularly if the Google Assistant Service does not hear you correctly, misinterprets what you say or even says or does something other than what you asked it to say or do. By activating Google Assistant, you understand and accept that Hilo cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies that impair your communication with Hilo via Google Assistant or for any damage that may result from an incorrect command or an unintended action by the Hilo Devices and well as the vocal activation of the Hilo Devices.

Consequently, you are responsible for all your communication with Hilo through Google Assistant, as well as that of any person who uses Google Assistant or the Google Assistant Service to manage your Hilo smart home. To prevent any unauthorized use, you must keep your password and other usernames you use to access the Hilo mobile app or Google Assistant confidential.

Google services, including Google Assistant and the Google Assistant Service, are provided as is and are subject to the availability determined by Google.

Currently, Google provides Google Assistant or the Google Assistant Service free of charge. However, if Google changes its policy, you will have to pay all applicable fees. Also, data transmission charges may be billed to you under your cell phone or Internet plan associated with an Internet connection if you activate, configure or use Google Assistant. Where applicable, you are required to pay said charges.

You are not required to use Google services, in particular Google Assistant, to use Hilo smart home services.

Personal information

By activating Google Assistant, you authorize Hilo to share all information requested from Hilo and all information communicated to Hilo to execute Hilo Actions with Google. Hilo is committed to respecting your privacy. To learn more, Hilo invites you to read the [Confidentiality Policy applicable to the Google Assistant]. You understand that by using Google’s voice assistant, you accept, in particular, that Google will use your information at all times and that Google cannot be held liable. Hilo has no influence over how Google services are managed or over Google Assistant, and by using Google Assistant, you accept all associated risks related to its use and release Hilo from any liability in this regard. To know and accept all the Google Terms of Service, please consult the above-mentioned sites.


In accordance with the use of the Hilo smart home services and the use of the Hilo mobile app, and to be eligible to use Google Assistant, you must be a user of the Hilo smart home, sign up for the Google Assistant Service and have a connected device as well as an Internet connection. You must also activate and configure the Assistant in the Google Assistant app or the Google Home app.

Hilo may terminate your access to Hilo Vocal Actions should you fail to comply with these eligibility criteria and for any other reason..

Governing laws

The Terms of Use are governed by applicable Québec laws. All disputes and conflicts relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that province, in the judicial district of Montréal.



Privacy policy regarding Hilo Vocal actions using Google Assistant

Effective January 8, 2020

What does this policy cover?

This Privacy Policy applies when you use the Google voice assistant function (Google Assistant) offered in the Hilo Services inc. (hereinafter “Hilo”) mobile app to interact verbally with your home automation devices connected to Hilo’s smart home service, in particular the Hilo gateway and your thermostats, dimmers, wall switches, light bulbs, plugs or a weather station (hereinafter “Hilo Vocal Actions”).

It does not apply when you interact verbally with your home automation devices via a Google Assistant smart device or one that works with Google Assistant and that is not included in the Hilo smart home service, i.e., products and services that use Google accounts.

What terms and conditions are you required to accept?

Before configuring Hilo Vocal Actions and associating your Google account with them, please read and accept the following terms and conditions:

When you agree to this commitment as well as the policies and terms and conditions, it is understood that you are authorizing Hilo to collect, use and share the information collected through Hilo Vocal Actions for the sole purposes set out in this policy.

What personal information does Hilo collect?

When Hilo Vocal Actions are configurated and used, Hilo collects the following information about you:

  • The email address and password you use to identify yourself in the Hilo app and access Hilo Vocal Actions
  • Your authentication token number
  • The voice commands used to control your smart devices
  • The date and time of those commands

All information collected in this way will be used for the sole purposes set out in this policy.

Why do we use your personal information?

The personal information collected via Hilo Vocal Actions is used by Hilo solely to:

  • facilitate the interactions between Hilo Vocal Actions and your smart device
  • transmit your voice commands designed to control your home automation devices connected to the Hilo smart home service using your smart device
  • improve or modify Hilo Vocal Actions

The use of the information regarding your voice interactions is also subject to the Hilo Mobile App – Confidentiality Policy.

What personal information does Google collect?

You must have a Google account to use Hilo Vocal Actions. When you associate your Google account with Hilo Vocal Actions, Google collects information about you such as the type of device you have, the name of your cell phone provider (also known as a cell phone operator), your IP address, your authentication token number, crash reports, the applications you have installed and your system’s activity. Google also collects information regarding how the rooms in your home are configured as well as information about your scenes, your setpoint temperature, your thermostat operating schedules and the name and condition of your smart devices.

The voice commands you send using Hilo Vocal Actions are converted by Google to enable you to control your smart devices. Once your Hilo account is associated with your Google account and the Web and App Activity parameter has been activated, your interactions via Hilo Vocal Actions are saved on the My Activity page of your Google account.

Google uses the information collected via Hilo Vocal Actions primarily to:

  • tailor its services, including Google Assistant, to your needs
  • improve Google Assistant to ensure it meets the needs of its users, namely by analyzing your use of Hilo Actions
  • use your interactions via Hilo Vocal Actions to share relevant information with you

Google does not share your personal information, except in the following situations:

  • With your consent
  • With your administrator and the resellers who manage your Google account
  • With Google’s affiliates and other businesses or persons that process it for them based on Google’s privacy policies
  • For legal reasons, namely to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request
  • To enforce applicable terms of service or detect fraud

What options do you have concerning your privacy?

You may remove your consent to having your personal information collected and used by Hilo. By deactivating Hilo Vocal Actions, you can dissociate your Google account from your device. Uninstalling or deactivating Hilo Vocal Actions does not mean any personal information about you that Hilo may have will be deleted. For any requests regarding accessing, correcting or deleting your personal information, please consult the Your rights and other information section of the Hilo Mobile App – Confidentiality Policy.

You may also choose what to share with your Google Assistant, in particular information about the installed Hilo app that is saved from your smart devices to make it easier to interact with the app as well as information about your voice interactions through Hilo Vocal Actions. You may also delete your Google Assistant activity at any time.

What is your responsibility regarding the use of Hilo Vocal Actions?

Hilo takes all appropriate measures to ensure your personal information is protected. It is nevertheless your responsibility to ensure that the Hilo Vocal Actions configured on your smart device or on a device that is compatible with your smart device cannot be used by someone other than you and that you always log out after each use.

Your consent is required

This policy may be amended from time to time by Hilo. The date of the last update indicates when it was last modified. It is therefore important to refer to the new version in order to stay abreast of all modifications. When you use Hilo Vocal Actions after that date, you agree to the modifications made to this policy, including any modifications to Google’s commitment as well as their policies and terms and conditions, to which you previously agreed.

How can you contact Hilo?

Services Hilo inc.
1200 McGill College Avenue, 6th floor
Montréal, Québec H3B 4G7
438 289-HILO (4456)
1 844 500-HILO (4456)