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Data security

At Hilo, we believe trust has to be earned. Keeping your personal information and consumption data is a priority for us. We’ve put in place rigorous administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your data.

Hilo stores your data in Canada. However, third-party systems Hilo interfaces with may host data on servers outside Canada, notably in the USA. Transit of your data through these systems depends on your choice of connected devices as well as the payment methods you’ve chosen for your transactions. You can get more detailed information on our privacy policies at:



All of the data we store is encrypted at rest and data transiting on all IP links is encrypted with TLS 1.2+. We use a variety of data protection mechanisms, including secure VPN links, IP whitelisting, rate limiting, certificate pinning, intrusion detection monitoring and many other techniques to ensure data security.

Hilo also follows a continuous security improvement program based on the CIS and NIST methodologies.