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Hilo app privacy policy


What does this policy cover?

This confidentiality policy covers personal information that is collected, used or communicated by Hilo Services Inc. (hereafter “Hilo”) and that meets the requirements of the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (CQLR, chapter P-39.1).

The practices identified herein concerning the collection, use and communication of your personal information in connection with use of the Hilo mobile app and activation of its functions (hereafter “the App”) are an integral part of the Terms of Use that you accept if you download or use the App.

However, they do not apply to personal information that may be collected by suppliers of other mobile apps that you may wish to use, in particular by integrating them with the App. The personal information that you provide to the mobile app store operator when downloading the App is also not covered by this policy. Hilo does not assume any responsibility for ensuring your personal information is protected by these third parties, and it is therefore your responsibility to do so.

Why does Hilo collect your personal information?

Your personal information is collected when you use the secured-access smart home service that offers such features as the management and configuration of spaces in your home, real-time tracking of your energy consumption, smart home device programming and participation in Hilo challenges that aim to reduce your energy use during peak periods.

Personal information is any information that concerns a physical person and allows that person to be identified, including his or her first name, last name, address, email address, telephone number, cellular data, IP address and consumption habits and behaviors.

Hilo takes appropriate steps to protect your personal information. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your mobile device is never left unattended, especially after logging in to the App, and that you log out after each use.

App installation

During App installation, certain data concerning your mobile device are collected, and more specifically the name and type of peripheral, IMEI number and MAC address, along with your mobile device data.

App log-in and use

When logging on to the App, certain information is gathered, in particular your geolocation data and your log-in and log-off times. Information concerning you is also collected when using the App, in particular the content you view, the functions you use and the frequency of use.

Creating your profile

When creating your user profile in the App, your first and last names, email address, unique identification code, address and telephone number, among other information, are collected.

Configuring your home

When configuring your home in the App, information may be collected on your home’s spaces and occupants. If you choose to configure energy consumption habits for the members of your household, be sure to include only information that concerns them and for which they have given their consent.

Configuring your thermostats

When configuring your thermostats in the App, information is collected on your heating consumption, specifically the temperature settings and run times.

Configuring your smart devices

When configuring your smart devices in the App, information is collected on the connected devices that you use.

Why does Hilo use your personal information?

The personal information collected by the App is used only for the purposes stated in this policy.

Secured access

Your email address and unique identification code are used to authenticate you when obtaining secured access to the App.

Energy consumption management

Personal information concerning your energy consumption habits is used, among other things, to propose the installation of additional smart devices, provide personalized tips to help you manage your energy consumption and help you reduce your power demand remotely during Hilo challenges.

Smart devices

The App enables you to integrate other smart devices that you use. To add certain connected devices, an account with the item’s manufacturer must be created first. Hilo invites you to read and agree to the terms of use for these connected devices before using them in the App. You can deactivate your devices in the App settings.

When you use the App’s Weather Stations function, Netatmo collects your IP address, your home’s geolocation and the meteorological data inside your home, among other information. This information is stored on servers that may be located outside Canada, specifically in the Netherlands. Before activating this function, Hilo invites you to read and accept Netatmo’s Terms of Use and Confidentiality Policy.

When you use the App’s Smoke Detectors function, BRK BRANDS INC. collects your IP address and your home’s geolocation, among other information. This information is stored on servers located outside Canada, specifically in the United States. Before activating this function, Hilo recommends that you read and accept BRK BRANDS INC.’s Terms of Use and Confidentiality Policy.

Voice assistants

Hilo allows you to use the App’s Voice Assistant function to interact with and send commands to your thermostats and other smart devices. Before activating this function, Hilo suggests that you read and accept the Terms of Use and Confidentiality Policy for Hilo’s voice assistant.


Your email address and telephone number are used to send you alerts and notifications related to your use of the App, activate certain functions and inform you about upcoming Hilo challenges involving automatic adjustment of your thermostat temperature settings. Your postal code is used to send you notifications regarding weather forecasts. You can deactivate this function in the App’s settings.

Customer support

The information that you provide to Hilo through the App and by other means is used to respond to any requests or comments you may have.

Hilo may also contact you by email. However, no personal information or confidential data will be collected or sent by this method of communication, which is not completely secure. Hilo also asks that you do not send any personal information to the company by email.


The personal information collected may be used to verify that your use of the App complies with the user licence issued to you.

Who does Hilo share your personal information with?

Hilo takes appropriate steps to protect the personal information it collects. Your information can be accessed only by employees who require it to carry out their duties. Your information is kept as long as necessary for the purposes of this policy or the service agreement, or to enable Hilo to meet its legal obligations.

Hilo hires suppliers to operate its business and the App, in particular to manage user authentication and for cloud data hosting. Hilo may therefore be asked to provide them with personal information.

Except for cases authorized by law or a court order, no personal information will be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent.

Is your personal information sent outside Québec?

Personal information collected by Hilo is stored in secured systems hosted on servers that may be located outside Québec, most often elsewhere in Canada or in the United States. In this event, Hilo may require its suppliers to enter into agreements to safeguard your confidentiality and personal information in order to provide proper protection.

Your consent is required.

This policy may be amended from time to time by Hilo. The “Last updated” date is the date of the last amendment. Be sure to consult the most recent version of the policy to stay informed about all amendments. By using the App and its functions after this date, you accept the amendments made to the policy.

What are your user privileges?

The Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (CQLR, chapter P-39.1), grants you the following rights:

  • protection and confidentiality of your personal information
  • access to your personal information
  • rectification of your personal information if it is incomplete, inaccurate or ambiguous
  • destruction of your personal information if its collection, communication or conservation is not authorized by law

Uninstalling the App and deactivating a function do not result in the destruction of your personal information. To request access, rectification or destruction, see the “How to reach Hilo” section.

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