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How to set up the Hilo Hub

This article provides all necessary information to proceed with the Hilo hub set up.

  1. Connect the hub to your modem or router using the provided Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect the power supply to a power outlet and to the socket on the back of the hub. Wait for the indicator light on the hub to turn green.* Disconnect the power cable from the hub.
  3. Open the Hilo app on the Your hub will be brought by your installer or sent by mail page.
  4. Click on Synchronize my hub.
  5. Click on Start to scan the Datamatrix code located on the back of the hub. If you can’t scan the code with your phone’s camera, click on Enter info manually.
  6. To scan the Datamatrix code, point your phone’s camera at the code located under the hub.
  7. When you receive the confirmation message “Your hub has been successfully scanned!” Reconnect the power cable and wait for the indicator light to turn yellow and blink fast.

*Once connected, your Hilo hub might carry out an update of the firmware. In this case, the indicator light (LED) will blink white for a while and then turn purple. The update takes about 15 minutes to complete. The indicator light will turn green when completed.