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Where should I set up my Hilo hub?

A hub acts as a command centre, ensuring communication both between your smart home devices and with your Hydro-Quebec smart meter. Each device is equipped with radio transmitters that communicate using the ZigBee communications protocol, which was specifically developed for personal or household devices in small, short-range networks.

The Hilo hub is equipped with two ZigBee radio transmitters: one that communicates with the Hydro-Quebec smart meter, and one that communicates with your smart home devices. It is therefore recommended that you position the hub in a location that allows for easy communication with both the smart meter and your smart devices. The closer the hub is to the meter, the easier it is to establish communication between the two. And the more central the location, the better the ZigBee mesh system facilitates communication between the hub and your smart devices.

To prevent interference between your Wi-Fi devices and your ZigBee devices, avoid placing the hub next to your Wi-Fi modem or router; a minimum distance of about 50 cm is recommended.